Premarital Bootcamp

Next Session Dates: TBD
Marriage can be a daily test. Questions about family, sex, and finances can be as complex as calculus and as amorphous as art. But as with any important test, when you are prepared, the chances of getting a great result are much higher.

Our Premarital/Newlywed Boot Camp is the quintessential marriage preparation program that helps Couples achieve the result of a long lasting, healthy, and secure future together. Developed by experts in the fields of mediation, marriage and family therapy, finance, and family law, this course offers practical tools to Couples so they are prepared for any pop quiz marriage may give. From communication exercises to tips on formulating a financial plan to candid discussions about sex and family planning. Our Premarital/ Newlywed Boot Camp provides Couples with an outline of the major relationship tests that lay ahead and the skills to manage unforeseen problems.

Divided in to a two-day workshop, Premarital/Newlywed Boot Camp is made up of five course subjects that serve as the foundation for each session.

Cost: $250 per couple
Location: To Be Determined
Time: 10am – 2pm