Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling is tailored for those who are uncertain about the future and the direction of their relationship. Often couples have mixed emotions or conflicting thoughts about staying together versus separation. One partner may be leaning towards divorce while the other partner wants reconciliation.

In Discernment Counseling, there is no pressure in either direction. The goal is to reflect upon and consider the best course of action for you. Many people need an objective, supportive therapist to provide a place to thoughtfully consider all of their options. It is generally short term counseling, consisting of an average of four to six sessions, meeting both individually and as a couple. The counselor will create a productive, respectful, and honest process that will result in choosing either a renewed commitment to the relationship or an amicable separation. By the end, most couples feel confident in their choice and are ready to proceed on their path.

Peace Talks offers Discernment Counseling in both our Playa del Rey office and in a therapist’s office in the San Fernando Valley.