FREE Divorce Options(TM) Workshop

With Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley

Every Friday, 12:15 – 1:15 pm

Divorce Options(TM) Workshops Will…

  • Help you understand and manage the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce
  • Help you explore your choices and make informed decisions about which process will be best for you
  • Help you take control of your divorce and move forward with your life

Who Should Attend Divorce Options(TM) Workshop

  • Married, domestic partners or cohabiting
  • Same or opposite gender
  • With or without children

Divorce Options(TM) Workshop provides you with up-to-date, unbiased information about:

  • Litigation, do-it-yourself, mediation and collaborative divorces – the risks and the benefits of each process
  • Spousal Support (alimony) and child support
  • Legal and physical custody
  • Legal, financial, psychological and social issues of divorce
  • Impact of separation and divorce on children
  • Managing your emotions and changing family relationships

Find answers to your important questions:

  • What happens in court?
  • How much time does it take to get divorced?
  • How much does it cost to get divorced?
  • What the first step?
  • Are there resources available to me?

Get advice from professionals on:

  • Talking to your children about divorce
  • Protecting the things that are important to you
  • Maintaining your emotional health and lessen stress
  • Working together instead of against each other
  • Preserving family relationships