Planning for a Premarital Agreement?

Premarital Agreement Checklist
10 Tips for Why Prenuptial Agreement Mediation Works
Commonly Used Terms and Definitions

California Premarital Agreement Laws: state that the two of you will choose to mediate in the event of a divorce, or use a collaborative law or alternative dispute resolution process rather than litigation.

Required Disclosures in a Premarital Agreement

Prenuptial Agreements and Premarital Agreements require a full disclosure of your assets and debts. At Peace Talks Mediation,we also ask you to make a full disclosure of your income.

Here is a worksheet you can use to begin your disclosures – Disclosures Worksheet.

If you fail to fully disclose your assets and debts, you could make your premarital or prenuptial agreement invalid, so you’ll want to be as complete as possible.

Bibliography and Resources

Nolo Press has a good book about premarital agreements called Prenuptial Agreements: How to Write a Fair and Lasting Contract (Nolo 2004). It’s written by Attorney Katherine E. Stoner and Shae Irving, J.D. You can purchase it at most bookstores,, or Cover price: $34.99.

There’s another book, Prenups for Lovers, by Arlene G. Dubin (Villard New York 2001) which isn’t detailed enough to draft an agreement, but it does a nice, readable job with the issues you’ll want to cover, and how to go about covering them.It’s definitely worth the $14.95 cover price.