Peace Talks’ team of attorneys and therapists will help you resolve your cohabitation, divorce or custody issues in a sane, sensible and fair way at a reasonable cost.

Same Sex Couples’ Mediation is:

  • 90% less expensive than litigation
  • Confidential and private
  • On your time schedule, not the court’s
  • Tailored to your family’s needs
  • Sensitive to LGBT relationships

Our LGBT mediation staff is specifically trained in Same Sex Couples issues and is sensitive to the nuances in these relationships.

From adoption to ending a relationship, same-sex Couples experience many of the same complex relationship issues as heterosexual Couples . But there are also problems that are distinctly unique to gay and Lesbian Couples . Some of these issues stem from societal stigmas, while others are borne out of unique obstacles created by the law.

At Peace Talks Mediation Services, our team of experienced mediators will guide you through the ever-changing legal framework of domestic partnership and marriage and help you dissolve your relationship, develop a custody agreement, or negotiate your co-habitation agreement in a sane, sensible and fair way at a reasonable cost.

Domestic Partnership: a legal relationship available to same-sex and cohabitating Couples in California that affords the couple a wide range of rights and responsibilities similar to marriage.