Preparing to Mediate

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If you and your partner are planning to register your relationship with the Secretary of State in California, keep in mind that it is very similar to entering a marriage and should be considered carefully. No one enters a committed relationship planning on having it end. There are, however, realities to consider. When you mediate with Peace Talks Mediation services up front, like a prenup, that planning can help you think more clearly should tensions arise. Mediation as you establish your relationship helps set your intent. Mediation to dissolve your relationship helps you create a legal settlement that addresses your needs and provides a platform to heal the hurt that lead to your breakup.
If you are preparing to dissolve your domestic partnership, you will go through a process similar in every way to a straight divorce. We encourage you to visit our Mediation Preparation resource center and avail yourself of the information there that pertains to your particular situation.


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