Family Law Basics (9 Hours)

By the end of this course, you will be ready to represent your first Family Law client!
This series of 9 one-hour programs provides a solid basic family law education for new family law attorneys and transitioning practitioners.


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Highlights of our 9 Hour Family Law Course:

  • From Intake to Judgment: A complete overview of the family law case
  • Sophisticated approach to family law intakes, discovery and evidentiary hearings
  • Client preparation tips for custody evaluations, mediation, and trials
  • Interest-based negotiations skills for settlement conferences in and out of court
  • Strategic case planning
  • Taught by a top expert in family law and the co-author of Your Divorce

Each 1 hour DVD represents a critical element of a family law case:

Disk 1: Family Law Client Interview and Intake
Description:  Conducting a successful 1st client interview helps you get hired, decide if you want to get hired, set client expectations and gather information for a successful family law case.

Disk 2: Preparing Your Client for a Court-Ordered Custody Mediation or Evaluation
Description:  Thorough and ethical preparation of your client for a court-ordered custody mediation and evaluation can mean the difference between success and failure in a contested custody matter.

Disk 3: Discovery Basics: Reality Check, Tax Returns, Wage Records, Perks, Subpoenas, and Your Own Disclosures
Discovery in family law goes well beyond the required court forms.Learning to read tax returns, pay stubs, and other financial documents can help you discover undisclosed income and assets. Learn where and how to find the information you’ll need to advise your client, settle, and try a case.

Disk 4: Preparing For Evidentiary Hearings: You and Your Client
You’ll lose very few family law cases if you’re well prepared. Learn what and how to prepare a family law case, and client, for an evidentiary hearing.

Disk 5: Negotiating a Settlement: Client Conversations, Settlement Meetings, Mediations
Since over 95% of all family law cases settle before trial, effective negotiation and settlement skills are essential to successful family law practice. Learn how to get the upper hand in negotiations and settlement meetings for favorable resolutions for your family law cases.

Disk 6: Preparing for a Pretrial Settlement Conference
You’ll lose very few family law cases if you’re prepared. Many cases settle at the pretrial conference stage, so being well-prepared can mean the difference between an acceptable settlement conference and a successful recommendation from the settlement officer.

Disk 7: Custody: Crafting a Developmentally Sound Parenting Plan
Your client’s parenting plan needs to serve the children’s best interests as well as work for the parents. A detailed plan based on the children’s ages and bonds with the parents will have the best chance of being adopted by the court as well as insuring a successful post-divorce co-parenting relationship.

Disk 8: Drafting a Tight Judgment
Family law is a minefield of potential malpractice and unintended consequences.Drafting a tight judgment will avoid problems later while giving your client a clear roadmap of everyone’s rights and responsibilities.

Disk 9: ADR in Family Law:  Mediation, Collaborative Law, Arbitration, Private Judges
Alternative Dispute Resolution is more popular than ever.  Learn the basics of each type of ADR, how to advise clients about ADR choices and optimize your advocacy for clients involved in alternative dispute resolution

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