Want your marriage to last?

Then let us facilitate all the important discussions you ought to have before you get married to insure that you’re on the same page as you start your new life together.

At Peace Talks, we see premarital agreement mediation as marriage insurance.

Mediation can help in any premarital situation, from young Couples with few assets, to new step-families, to Couples with substantial assets (or potential assets).

Traditionally, most Couples simply consulted with individual attorneys who drafted and negotiate premarital agreements or prenuptial agreements (both terms mean the same thing). Today, there is a better way: premarital agreement and prenuptial agreement mediation.

Using premarital mediation insures that both parties have input into the ultimate agreement reached, and they maintain equal bargaining power, with a balanced discussion. The mediator can then draft the agreement reflecting both parties’ wishes, and the individual attorneys can simply review the agreements with each party in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.
The mediators at Peace Talks Mediation Services will make sure that your premarital agreement suits your goals and needs, and that it is completed as efficiently as possible