Mediator Profile for Amy Reichenbach, Psy. D.

Amy Reichenbach Video Introduction

Bio and Mediation Profile

Dr. Amy Reichenbach is a licensed clinical psychologist. She has special training in divorce mediation, custody evaluations, co-parenting as well as substance abuse and surviving trauma. She teaches co-parenting classes and maintains a private psychotherapy practice in addition to her work at Peace Talks

Mediation Style:

  • Focus on what is best for everyone concerned
  • Address biggest fears and make sure they do not come to pass
  • Identify common interests and concerns
  • Emphasize letting go and moving on

Personal Values in Mediation:

  • A divorce is not a moral failing and there should be no stigma associated with it
  • Just because a marriage does not last forever does not mean it was a failure or had no good in it
  • Moving past anger, blame, shame and guilt is essential if former spouses are to effectively co-parent
  • Unhealed divorce wounds can poison the rest of a person’s life, leaving them too broken to find the happiness they are leaving their marriage to seek
  • All obstacles to peace can be overcome through understanding and new insights that often come with time