Child Support Checklist

  1. Monetary payments for child support
    1. From whom to whom
    2. Amounts and how often
    3. Direct or through the court, court fees
    4. If direct, any coverage of legal costs for enforcement
    5. Any reduction of child support when children with other parent
    6. Child care expenses
    7. Other child-related expenses (clothing, activities, camp, etc.)
  2. Medical insurance coverage for children
    1. Carried by whom
    2. Payments made by whom
    3. Change if parent carrying insurance not covered through employment
  3. Medical costs not covered by insurance
    1. Paid for by whom
    2. What will be paid for – hospital, medical, optical, dental, orthodontic, counseling, psychological, psychiatric
  4. Life insurance to cover obligations to children in case of death of parent
    1. How much to go for this obligation
    2. For how long
    3. Who will be the beneficiary
    4. Should there be a life insurance trust
  5. Income tax exemptions for children and signing of waiver
  6. Post-high school education of children
    1. Any minimum guarantees to children
    2. Any agreement on contributions by parents
      • Copyright © Zena D. Zumeta, JD, 1998. Reprinted with permission