An alternative to mediation is Collaborative Divorce.

Peace Talks Collaborative has its own in-office Collaborative team, including Stephanie Maloney, Michelle Kazadi, Diana Mercer, Lisa Davis, John Green and Amy Reichenbach.

Peace Talks believes in the Collaborative model and has organized its own open Collaborative Practice Group to train and educate local attorneys, therapists, accountants, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts and neutral parenting experts on the Collaborative divorce model.

Collaborative divorce provides more professional support and structure than most mediations:

  • Each party has their own attorney who’s trained in Collaborative divorce practice and procedures. You’ll get private, individual legal advice and representation.
  • Each party has their own therapist-coach. The coach helps you get through the tough times as well as facilitating communication.
  • A neutral accountant or financial professional works with everyone to make sure the financial information is thorough, clear, and that the agreement is fair
  • A neutral parenting and child expert works with everyone to craft a parenting plan that works for the family

A series of meetings are set up so that your case is planned out and that things will proceed on schedule

  • You’ll meet with your individual attorney and therapist-coach
  • Once you’ve had a chance to prepare with them, joint meeting will be set up with you and your spouse and all the professionals
  • You’ll plan out the timing and steps in advance so that everyone knows what to expect and how to prepare so you can get through your divorce successfully and respectfully

Everyone agrees that you won’t go to court and that you’ll resolve all of the settlement topics using the attorneys, coaches, and neutral experts.
Collaborative divorce has a great track record for success!
Skeptical? Check out the Collaborative divorce research studies.