How can you help me speak to my spouse about divorce mediation or custody mediation?

There are several options for how to contact the other party and suggest mediation. Talk to us and let us know what you think would be best:

After learning more about the mediation process, you can speak with your spouse or parent of your child in order to suggest divorce mediation or custody mediation. You can let him or her know that the Dispute Resolution Associates at Peace Talks are available to speak to him or her, send out information, or answer questions about divorce mediation and custody mediation.

We can send information to your spouse or parent of your child directly, or we can send two sets of information to you so that you can share one set with the other party.

You and your spouse or parent of your child can come in for a free half-hour mediation orientation so that you can meet the mediator you’ll be using, ask questions about the process, and discuss your situation before deciding if mediation would be helpful in your case. That way, you both meet the mediator at the same time, and the intake information is given to the mediator with both of you present.

Any combination of the above—for example, you may want to speak to your spouse or parent of your child about mediation, and let him or her know to call our Dispute Resolution Associate to discuss it further. Or, you may want us to send a package of information to your spouse, and you can call him or her to let them know information is coming.

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