What’s a Mediation-Friendly Attorney?

A mediation-friendly attorney is a family lawyer who will advise you about your rights, likely outcomes in court, and a “best case” and “worst case” scenario in your case. He or she will advise you as to your individual rights like any litigation lawyer might. A mediation-friendly lawyer, however, will advise and coach you without derailing the mediation process. He or she believes in the mediation process, and although he or she will advocate for your position, it will be done in a way so that you can continue in mediation rather than going through litigation and the Court system.

Your rights will be protected without having to go to Court.

For example, if your spouse has made an offer about spousal support, your mediation-friendly attorney may advise you that the offer is too low or too high, too short or too long, but rather than running to court, he or she will provide you with information about how a court might view the situation, discuss the pros and cons of going to court, help you develop facts and arguments to support your position, and come up with several alternatives to your spouse’s offer which make sense in your circumstances.

Most mediation-friendly attorneys will work with you on an hourly basis, rather than insisting that you hire them for the entire case. This is called “limited legal services” or “unbundled services”. You hire them just for the time you need them, or the task you need them for, rather than the entire case. It’s an ala carte alternative to traditional representation.

At Peace Talks, we can refer you to a mediation-friendly attorney if you wish

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