Who can attend Mediation Sessions?

One of the great things about mediation is that you can invite professionals to the mediation sessions (by agreement of both parties, of course) who can be very helpful with joint questions.

If you and your spouse have specialized questions about things like taxes, budgeting, or the value of a business or piece of property, sometimes it’s helpful to have an accountant or appraiser come to a mediation session to discuss these issues with you both at the same time. Therapists can help with child-related issues. All professionals who participate in the sessions sign the confidentiality agreement so that your interests are protected, and the mediation process’ confidentiality is preserved.

If I Hire a Lawyer, Can My Lawyer Be Involved in Mediation Sessions?
Yes, as long as both you and your spouse agree that your lawyers will be involved prior to the mediation sessions, and that both have agreed in writing that lawyers can attend the mediation sessions or have contact with the mediators outside of sessions. We can discuss this in more detail during the free mediation orientation if you wish.

Can Our Children Be Involved In The Divorce Mediation Sessions or Custody Mediation Sessions?
Sometimes children can be involved, depending on their age and maturity. We can discuss whether to include the children in the sessions when and if it becomes an issue, but we always start by meeting the parents first and hearing their concerns without the children present.

Are There Any Clients You Don’t Accept For Mediation?
We are willing to try and help any couple who is willing to negotiate in good faith, and who will agree to participate fully.

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