What Papers Does the Court Require in a Divorce or Family Law Case?

Every divorce starts with a Petition. The Petition ‘package’ is a set of papers that lists your address, the date of your marriage, the names and dates of birth of your children, an extremely basic outline of your property and whether or not you’d like spousal support, among other things. The Petition can be amended later if you change your mind about any of these items.

Can My Mediator Handle all of the Paperwork for Us?
Yes. Peace Talks Mediation can prepare, file, and serve all of the necessary paperwork for you for a flat fee. We have both an attorney and a paralegal on staff.
If you prefer, you have other options for filing the paperwork, including doing it yourself, hiring a paralegal or document preparation service, or hiring another lawyer to prepare the paperwork for you. Either way, the basic procedure is the same.

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