Pre-Marriage Mediation

We help you create a lasting marriage by facilitating the important conversations and decisions that come first.

Why Mediate Before Marriage?

The time before marriage is filled with excitement. But before the ceremony takes place and documents are signed, it's critical to ensure that you're on the same page emotionally, financially, and legally. That's where Pre-marriage Mediation comes in.

At Peace Talks, we help facilitate all the essential discussions you ought to have before starting your new life together. Mediation can help in any premarital situation, from young couples with few assets, to new step-families, to couples with substantial assets (or potential assets), to complex situations involving children or other family issues.

Premarital Agreements

If you require or are considering a premarital agreement, we highly recommend mediation. At Peace Talks, we see premarital agreement mediation as extra insurance that will help your marriage last.

Traditionally, most couples consulted with individual attorneys who drafted and negotiated premarital agreements (or prenuptial agreements - both terms mean the same thing). 

Today, there is a better way: premarital agreement mediation.

Using premarital agreement mediation ensures that:

  • There is a balanced discussion between parties.
  • Both parties maintain equal bargaining power.
  • Both parties have input into the ultimate agreement reached.

The mediator can then draft the agreement reflecting both parties' wishes. Then, each party's attorneys can easily review the agreement in a fraction of the time - and at a fraction of the cost.

Our experienced Peace Talks mediators work with you to create a premarital agreement that suits your goals and needs, and complete it as efficiently as possible. Our goal is for you to start your new life as a married couple with nothing to worry about but ordering the cake.

The 3 Pillars of Pre-Marriage Mediation

Peace Talks pre-marriage mediation service covers the three pillars of the marriage contract.

Emotional - What are my expectations of my partner?

Financial - How do we feel about money? What are the financial goals of our marriage? Do we have a budget? 

Legal - What are the legalities of getting married in California? What does it mean? Should I have a premarital agreement?