Your First Mediation Appointment

Below is some information about mediation and our practice which you may find helpful.  Our web site has much more detailed information, so if you’ve got internet access, you may wish to check it out at

If you decide you’d like to hire us, our fees are $625 per hour, and you’ll pay just for the time that you use.  We accept Visa, Master Card, cash and checks.  You’ll pay for the first session at the end of the session.  In the folder we gave you at the orientation, you will find a full agreement to mediate with a list of all the prices.

Most couples resolve their divorce case in one or two three-hour sessions.A few require more sessions than that, and we’ll schedule them at your convenience.

There’s no pressure to reach an agreement or sign anything during mediation.  It’s important that you make an informed, thoughtful decision. That includes time to think about the agreements you’re making, and time to consult with an attorney, an accountant, or other professional who can help you make your decisions.

The better informed you are about your assets, liabilities, children’s schedules, and your goals for the outcome of your situation, the more progress we can make in the mediation session.  We have a number of worksheets which you may find helpful in the planning and information-gathering process. They’re posted on the web site under “preparing to mediate”, and we can also mail copies if you wish. There’s no need to go overboard in planning for the first session, but it is helpful if you have an idea about your assets and debts, as well as your goals for the outcome of your situation.

It’s helpful (but not required) if you can bring the following to the first session:

  • A list of your assets
  • A list of your debts
  • If you own a house, the year you bought the house, how much you paid, what you think it’s worth now, and how much you owe on the house
  • If you’re claiming that any of the assets or debts are “separate property” (the responsibility of just one party, not both of you), please indicate that on your list
  • A recent pay stub
  • Last year’s tax return (copy of the first two pages, or the full return if you own a business or rental property)
  • If there are issues about personal property,please bring a list of the items that you cannot agree upon

Assets include:

  • House
  • Cars (value now, amount owed on loan)
  • Pension, profit sharing, IRA accounts, 401k accounts (include any loan information)
  • Bank accounts
  • Stock accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Businesses you own, or own a partial share

In addition, if you have children, please bring:

  • A copy of their school schedule
  • A copy of their extra-curricular activity schedule

We look forward to working with you! Please telephone if you have any questions.