Opening the Channels of Communication: Take the Secrecy out of Estate Planning

At Peace Talks Mediation Services, we believe that money is only part of the family legacy you’ll leave. Dividing your assets among the people that are important in your life is also your final expression of love and care for those people. You want what is best for your loved ones, but even the most well intentioned estate plans could lead to family conflict and misunderstanding. Mediation allows you to avoid future family conflicts which could lead to costly litigation. Some of the benefits of using mediation for your estate plan include:

Preserving Family Harmony: Family harmony can be destroyed by hurt feelings, allegations, claims, and counterclaims, which can lead to years of heartache and sometimes to costly, protracted litigation. Mediating your estate plan at Peace Talks can help you and your family avoid these kind of conflicts.

Avoiding Court Proceedings: Often when estates become settled through litigation, formal court proceedings place family members at odds with each other.  In addition to being stressful, expensive and time consuming, litigation also means that a stranger (a judge) makes the decisions about your family legacy. At Peace Talks, you have the power to create an estate plan that is right for your family.  Instead of putting family members at odds with each other, it is an opportunity for the family to plan out the future, together.

Avoiding miscommunication: Miscommunication or misperceptions about the intention of the parents can lead to costly litigation.Children and spouses can’t read your mind.They may agree with your plan if they understand what it is.Also, in creating your estate plan, you may want to hear about their own goals and priorities and if your gifts will benefit them.  Even if they don’t agree, children and spouses are more apt to be at peace with your decisions if they understand your goals and motivations. At Peace Talks, we can work with you and your family in opening the lines of communication.These skills will not only benefit frank and open discussion in creating your estate plan, but could also translate into better everyday communication with your family. 

Building relationships between Executors, Trustees, and Beneficiaries: Relations between executors or trustees and beneficiaries can turn sour because of divergent priorities, difference on matters of substance, perceptions, or perspectives on family history. Mediators help the parties clear up areas of ambiguity and aid them in developing a plan of interaction that promotes all of their interests.

Creating an estate plan with your adult children: Mediation can bring all the involved adult parties into the creation of the estate plan.  This allows for the least chance that the final estate plan would be contested.

Benefits of Estate Planning Mediation: