Co-Parenting Coaching

Learn to work together to raise children while living apart

Co-Parenting Is Collaboration

Co-parenting involves two parents who are no longer involved in a romantic relationship working together to raise children. While most parents know this is best, they often find it difficult or even impossible to practice. Parents may have difficulty communicating with each other, different parenting perspectives or resentments toward the other parent.

Left unresolved, what should be peaceful collaboration can become competition or worse, with the children in the middle. Peace Talks offers Co-parenting Coaching that can give you the skills, knowledge, and techniques you need to navigate these waters.

How Co-Parenting Coaching Works

Co-Parenting Coaching is very different from traditional psychotherapy or marital counseling; it does not encourage the free expression of emotions or work towards rebuilding broken connections.

It is often conducted with both parents, however, research shows tremendous benefit to children even when just one parent engages in positive co-parenting. It can also save thousands of dollars by avoiding attorney involvement, court fees, and costly child custody evaluations.

Why You Should Consider Co-Parenting Coaching

Participating in Co-Parenting Coaching is done out of love for the children. Goals for Co-Parenting Coaching include:

  • Creating secure home bases and transitions for children.
  • Developing practices & protocols that strengthen co-parenting.
  • Resolving disputes in a positive manner.

Peace Talks offers individualized Co-Parenting Coaching sessions tailored to your family’s needs. All sessions are conducted by Amy Reichenbach, a licensed therapist who is also an experienced mediator.