It’s wedding season. Time for a prenup?

Yes, I know, most people don’t think prenups are particularly romantic. But when you think about it, is it romantic to fight about money, how to raise children, or to wonder what would happen if you got divorced?Â

That’s the reason we mediate premarital agreements. Sometimes, at the end of the discussion, the couple decides they don’t want a written agreement….but everyone appreciates the discussion. Not every subject is easy….but wouldn’t you rather have the hard talks before you get married, rather than afterwards?

We find that at the end of the process couples are closer than ever.

Yes, once in awhile couples come in and discuss things….and decide not to get married. As hard as that decision is, they’re glad that they made the decision to postpone or cancel their wedding before the invitations went out. It doesn’t happen very often……but once in awhile.

More often, clients report that going over the premarital checklist is the start of a really productive discussion that makes them feel more connected than ever.

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