How to Survive Financially When Going Through a Gray Divorce?

By Admin Admin | June 7, 2023
Lady calculating on calculator

Navigating a gray divorce comes with unique financial considerations, but careful planning and informed decisions can help secure your financial future. Here are key strategies to survive financially during a…

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Money Mistakes to Avoid When You Divorce

By Admin Admin | March 9, 2023
Woman calculating finances

When couples are divorcing through a litigated court divorce, there is most often chaos and a lot of uncertainty – emotions can run high and hot. But when you and…

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Financial Impact of Divorce on Women

By Admin Admin | February 9, 2022
Woman figuring out finances.

When you are a woman going through a divorce, you may find that you are financially impacted in ways your male counterpart is not, especially with a court-litigated divorce process.…

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Creating a Financial Plan for Temporary Finances While Going through the Coronavirus

By peacetalkadmin | May 6, 2020

The novel coronavirus has not only sickened many, but it has also cut off our various income streams, and our financial security is at risk. And if you find yourself…

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How Does A Divorce Change Your Finances?

By peacetalkadmin | May 22, 2019
How Does A Divorce Change Your Finances? - Peace Talks Mediation Services - Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Finances - Copyright: dolgachov / 123RF Stock Photo

Are you in the very beginning stages of getting a divorce? Concerned at what your financial landscape will look like once your separation has been finalized? One thing is for…

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Amazon Fairness and Divorce, Oh My!

By Stephanie | January 21, 2019

For anyone who can’t let go of that “Money=Happiness” thing, just read and be kind of glad that you don’t have so much money that God borrows from you. The divorce…

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Post Divorce Portfolio Balancing Act

By Stephanie | December 31, 2018

All investors review their investments annually, and in light of the market’s recent volatility, it would be wise to review your investments soon as the new tax laws may affect…

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A Potential Tax Move For 2018 Divorce

By Stephanie | December 10, 2018

As the commercial says “I’m not a tax advisor and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night…” but a piece by Dan Caplinger from The Motley Fool might…

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Taking Stock In Your Divorce

By Stephanie | December 7, 2018

In light of the changes in the tax laws and the recent roller coaster volatility in the stock market it might be prudent to talk with your financial advisor about…

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Divorce Last Minute Loophole

By Stephanie | November 7, 2018

For anyone that is still facing the December 31 deadline for filing here’s some possible relief from some of that anxiety. A lot of people have come to Peace Talks worried,…

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Divorce and IRA’s – Watch Your Assets

By Stephanie | October 25, 2018

Understanding different types of retirement assets, and the costs and taxes associated with each, when liquidated, can help you make informed decisions. Always consult with your financial and tax advisors during…

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Money, Debt and Divorce

By Stephanie | October 23, 2018

Dividing Debts in Divorce One of the bad surprises that we see in the divorce process is the amount of money that is owed by both parties as individuals, and…

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Divorce Lawyer Secrets

By Stephanie | October 18, 2018

Peace Talks, by definition, gives people the opportunity to talk about everything that is relevant to reaching an amicable agreement. This applies, as well, to all the legal advisors that come…

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Notes On Divorce and Tax Changes

By Stephanie | August 30, 2018

This article by Dr. Halem seemed very timely as we hit the Labor Day weekend and all too soon will be staring Halloween and Thanksgiving in the face. I really…

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Tax overhaul may throw a wrench in your Prenup

By Stephanie | May 29, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney An article by Ben Steverman (Bloomberg News) from Sunday’s LA Times dealt with some tax-related issues that are going to affect a lot of divorced couples and…

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Keeping Faith With Your Hopeful Charities

By Stephanie | May 21, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney I saw this piece and was shocked. Bryan McQueeney is the chief executive of the nonprofit Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship in Los Angeles and he sums up…

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Interest Rising In Credit Rates

By Stephanie | May 17, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Once in a while, something related to my previous incarnation in the investment world catches my attention, especially when it relates to the credit markets. A piece…

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Banking on the Post Office

By Stephanie | May 3, 2018

There was a piece by the LA Times contributor David Lazarus the other day about the possibility of a “Postal Bank”. NY Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand introduced legislation to allow the…

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Don’t Overtax Yourself & Do It Now

By Stephanie | February 13, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney The new tax legislation will necessitate adjustments for many people dealing with alimony payments-both paying and receiving. When you start to factor in things like tuition and…

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