Protect Your Children: Get a Will!

By peacetalkadmin | March 20, 2019

While many of us may believe that estate planning is only for the rich or the elderly, you should know that this process is essential if you have children. At…

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Common Questions About Divorce

By Stephanie | October 4, 2018

Here are a few of the questions that come up most often when people are their evaluating their options in relation to the divorce process. If you have some questions…

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Women: Separate But Not Equal Pay

By Stephanie | May 14, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Since I get reminded on a daily basis of why a lot of moms are finding it harder to celebrate things sometimes this seemed a bright piece…

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Temporary “Phonelessness” Is OK

By Stephanie | April 10, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Co-parenting is tough enough without having to wonder if you’re one text away from that phone call from the Highway Patrol. Nobody wants to be the cop…

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The Small Outdoors

By Stephanie | April 3, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Here it is again that time to start getting out and planning out some “away from the house” time. It seems to get tougher each year so…

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Unplugging To Connect

By Stephanie | March 30, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Every family that I interact with has difficulty creating and managing their time together. By definition, Divorce creates two entities from one source. With our technology, it…

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March Against Madness-Madness Actually Responds

By Stephanie | March 26, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Imagine Frances McDormand outside your house of white with 500,000 walking, breathing, two-legged billboards demanding action about the killing of her child. Apparently, if all politics are…

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Crypto-Scams, or, Old Wolf New Online Sheepskin

By Stephanie | March 12, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Every year around “Tax Time” consumers, across the board, get hit with opportunities to “turn that refund into a lot of money” and this year some of…

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Divorce Resource

By Stephanie | March 1, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney The more I read about how little time people have for things they’d like to do the question remains about how to make time for things they…

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Collaborative Divorce The Best Way To Divorce In California

By peacetalkadmin | April 10, 2016

You have decided your marriage is not working out. You want to divorce, but your friends have told you horror stories about dragging your divorce through the court system. You…

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