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Peace Talks Mediation Services offers mediation and Collaborative Divorce solutions for Culver City, California. Located in adjacent Playa del Rey, Peace Talks has been a local business since 2000.

Will mediation work in my case?

The Peace Talks mediators are trained to deal with conflict of all kinds as well as with all communication styles. All you need to agree to do is to try mediation. The mediators can handle the rest. Our mediators are convinced that everyone who wants to reach an agreement and who is ready to reach an agreement will successfully mediate their case.

It's worth a try. Given that mediation is 90% less expensive than going to court, it's worth it to see if it will work for you. Compare the costs:

What's the different between going to mediation and going to court? There are many benefits to mediation in addition to the cost savings.

If you live in Culver City, you value the Culver City school system and the Culver City lifestyle. Local landmarks like Dinah's and the Culver City Studios set the tone for life in Culver City years ago, and today its residents enjoy the results of those early investments in culture and business. When you mediate your divorce, you can often maintain your lifestyle and preserve your assets and family home....contrasted with a litigated divorce, where often the only "assets" to divide up at the end are actually debts and attorney's fees.

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce have always been the best way to resolve family law and divorce conflicts, and Peace Talks' mediators are among the top mediators in the country. Because Peace Talks' practitioners only mediate and practice Collaborative Divorce, they spend all of their time working on their settlement skills.

Founded in 2000, Peace Talks mediation is dedicated to helping Culver City residents stay out of court. Peace Talks is also the founder of the Marina Culver City Collaborative Divorce Practice Group.