Los Angeles

Divorce Mediation Los Angeles

Peace Talks Mediation Services offers mediation and Collaborative Divorce solutions for Los Angeles, California, and the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Will Mediation or Collaborative Divorce Work for Me?

Yes. Peace Talks Mediation and Collaborative Law services settles almost 100% of our cases out of court....at a fraction of the cost of litigation.

With our help, you'll stay out of court, get your questions answered, and get the support you need in order to craft a settlement plan that works for you and for your family.

Our mediators and collaborative professionals are prepared to deal with all kinds of conflict and communication styles. All you have to do is agree to try mediation. We will handle the rest.

And if we can't help you, we'll be honest with you. We'll also refer you to the right kind of professional so you will be in good hands even if you don't mediate with our office.

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce have always been a better way to resolve divorce and family law conflicts, and Peace Talks' mediators are best mediators in the country. Because Peace Talks' practitioners only do mediation and Collaborative Divorce, they spend all of their time working on their settlement skills.

Founded in 2000, Peace Talks mediation is dedicated to helping Los Angeles area residents stay out of the Los Angeles Superior Court system.