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Peace Talks Mediation Services offers mediation and Collaborative Family Law solutions for Santa Monica, California, and the Santa Monica neighboring communities.

Our vision is to create peace in the world, one family at a time. More about Peace Talks

Will mediation work?

Almost 100% of the time. How's that for a statistic?

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are the best way to resolve divorce and family law conflicts, and Peace Talks' mediators are some of the best mediators in the country. We are continually honing our skills presenting at conferences, training other mediators, and writing about how mediation works.

Our Founder, Diana Mercer, is a nationally recognized author in the field of Divorce and Mediation.

All you have to do is try. The Peace Talks Mediators will do the rest. Book a free, confidential mediation orientation

How do I get started?

Founded in 2000, Peace Talks mediation is dedicated to helping Santa Monica area residents stay out of the Santa Monica Court system.