Sliding Scale Support

We support you even if you need financial assistance

We’re Here to Help

We understand that divorce can not only be traumatic emotionally, but also financially. Because part of our mission is offering you comprehensive support, Peace Talks Mediation Services offers a sliding fee scale for clients who have been laid off or who meet certain financial criteria. 

Please note that this opportunity is limited in duration and may be revoked at any time. As part of your divorce proceedings, you are required to fill out financial disclosures which you sign under penalty of perjury. If, after drafting these disclosures, it becomes clear that you do not meet the financial criteria for reduced fee mediation services, you will be charged our full fee for services on a retroactive (and prospective) basis.

Sliding Scale Requirement

To qualify for a reduced rate, you and your spouse must have $100,000 or less in combined gross income and/or $200,000 net assets.

Sliding Scale Rates

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