Post Judgment Mediation

Modifying Support And Custody After Your Divorce, Separation, Or Paternity Case Is Finalized

Resolving Issues that Come After Your Divorce

After your divorce, separation, or paternity case is finalized, Peace Talks’ mediators can resolve issues that come up later like modifying support, custody or adding details to your Judgement. Even if you didn’t mediate your divorce or separation, you can mediate any modifications to your separation agreement or divorce Judgement.

Consider mediation for modification of:

  • Your custody arrangements and parenting plan
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Property settlement, especially when things didn’t work out as planned

Why Post-divorce Mediation

At Peace Talks, we believe mediation is a better option than continued litigation to resolve any post-divorce disputes, or modifications of your Judgement or agreement.

Post-divorce Mediation is:

  • 90% less expensive than litigation
  • Confidential and private
  • On your time schedule, not the court’s
  • Tailored to your family’s needs

Peace Talks Mediation Services offers discounted fees to former clients who return to mediation for modifications of child support, parenting plans, or any other orders.

Child Custody Mediation and Parenting Plan Modifications Mediation

Children change as time goes on, and as a result their needs change. Your needs as parents may change, too. Child support and parenting plans can be modified when circumstances change. Using mediation, you can modify your parenting plan, custody arrangement, or child support so that your new plan works for both the children and the parents.

Child Support Modification Mediation

Child support is modifiable in the event that circumstances change. The change may be to your income, the other parent’s income, your child’s needs, or a combination of all three. Mediation can help you communicate about co-parenting issues and child support. Mediation can help you find a solution that takes all of your needs, and your child’s needs, into account.

Spousal Support Modification Mediation

Because most divorces that include spousal support keep the amount modifiable, if circumstances change you may need help to reach a new spousal support order or spousal support agreement after your divorce is finished. A change in your or your former spouse’s income, health, or ability to work can mean that it’s time to update your spousal support.

Post-Divorce Property Settlement Mediation

Although property settlements are final as part of your final divorce paperwork, sometimes issues come up. Perhaps you still jointly own a home and it’s time to sell, but you cannot agree on a purchase price with your former spouse. Maybe your Judgment wasn’t as clear as you’d hoped on your property rights. We can help you resolve these issues.