Our Coaching Approach

Combining communication, emotional support, and goal-setting into effective, peaceful dispute resolution for you

How We Do It

Mediation During Marriage is a little different from what occurs before or after a marriage. Often the disagreements are very emotionally charged. When the emotion center of our brain (amygdala) is activated, it is very challenging to engage the part associated with reason and problem-solving (prefrontal cortex).

A psychologist or mental health mediator or coach can help clients resolve these feelings as they arise during negotiations and shift back into their “business minds”. That’s why our Peace Talks mediators are trained, licensed mental health professionals. 

Coaching Goals

The goal of our coaching is to use tools in communication, empathy, and reflective listening to help you and your partner with conflict. We help you be creative in discovering your goals — and what you want for the future. We want to help you in the often difficult process of coming to terms with the emotions of relationships, either before, during or after. 

What About Divorce?

Usually, couples wish to stay married and resolve their more difficult disagreements constructively and peacefully through the mediation process. Unfortunately, in some cases the disagreement becomes intractable or unresolvable, and divorce is the next option. 

Our divorce coaches are licensed mental health professionals trained to help people through the process of divorce using a goal-oriented process to support, motivate and guide decision-making for their future. A coach can help a divorcing couple or individual avoid procrastination and roadblocks for moving forward in the process.