Postmarital Agreements

Removing the uncertainty of what happens after to help your marriage today

Postmarital Agreements During Marriage

A Postmarital Agreement, sometimes called a Postnuptial Agreement, can help determine the division of money or assets in the event of a divorce or untimely death. While formerly associated with issues like infidelity, today more and more couples are choosing Postmarital Agreements as a way to keep the peace during and after marriage when there are complex issues at play, such as children from a previous marriage or both couples owning separate businesses. By removing the uncertainty of what happens after marriage, a Postmarital Agreement helps couples stay married on their own terms.

Why Have a Postmarital Agreement?

Postmarital Agreements can be used to clarify issues that lead to conflict, and sometimes they can help a troubled marriage stay together. It is a great opportunity to really define each spouse's expectations of the marriage. A post-marital agreement is a way of changing the “rules'' to meet a couple’s individual needs and situation. It can also be used to modify an existing premarital agreement that has become outdated or unfair. 

At Peace Talks, we provide a supportive environment to have difficult conversations to create a Postmarital Agreement that works for all sides. With the help of our attorney, therapist, and financial professionals, you can design and enact a balanced, legally-binding agreement that will create ease in your marriage and peace in your heart.