Premarital Coaching

Pre-Marital Coaching is Emotional Mediation for Soon-to-be-Married Couples

Of all the skills we should have learned in school, relationship skills are right at the top of the list — especially if you are to be married soon. That’s why Peace Talks offers Premarital Coaching, where we create conversations and help answer the questions around your expectations of your partner, your marriage, and your future together.


We believe in the power of love, and it's amazing ability to transform people. But sometimes love isn’t enough — and it needs the help of communication tools and the guidance of empathetic counselors. The relationship experts at Peace Talks find Premarital Coaching to be an invaluable opportunity to improve your relationship prior to marriage — which will help you create the long-lasting, spiritual union of your dreams.


Resolve Your Challenges in Problem Areas

While you may be the perfect couple, there are still potential issues lurking below the surface that haven’t been properly communicated or agreed upon. Rather than having these issues pop up unexpectedly in the future (and they will), we find our clients have more lasting marriages when these areas have been carefully explored by both parties.

Some issues that often arise revolve around these questions:

  • What are my expectations of the marriage and our individual roles in it?
  • What issues in our family or personal backgrounds exist that we might unconsciously transfer to this marriage?
  • What are our expectations and feelings about starting a family or parenting?
  • How do we express ourselves when we are unhappy and resolve conflict?
  • How can we be a deeply committed, loving couple, yet also still be individuals?