Financial Counseling

Helping you work through financial issues in a supportive environment

Resolving Marriage Money Issues

Money issues in marriage are the leading cause of divorce. Often an unbalanced financial relationship can lead to resentments. But just because you and your spouse disagree over the family finances doesn't mean your marriage is over. Peace Talks’ experienced Financial Mediators work to help couples deal with financial issues in an emotionally supportive environment, so you can have the difficult conversions and move forward.

Money is an Opportunity

Our mediation approach helps you identify goals, concerns and financial challenges while at the same time attend to the emotional, communication challenges you and your spouse may be facing. Financial guru Dave Ramsey once said, “Money is an opportunity to reach unity in a marriage. When couples work together, they can do anything.”  By working with supportive mediators to open the lines of communication around financial issues like debts, assets, investments, bills, and spending, you have the opportunity to get on the same page and keep your relationship thriving.

There Will Be Math

Unfortunately, successful Financial Mediation does involve more than just talking about money. An accounting of your financial situation will be evaluated to help you make the right decisions. 

In order to ease the process, here a financial worksheet that will get you started: Income Worksheet