premarital mediation

A mediated prenuptial agreement or premarital agreement helps Couples prepare and plan for a long-lasting, successful marriage.

Peace Talks' team of attorneys and therapists will facilitate and design a fair, respectful and loving premarital agreement so you can relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding.

Premarital Agreement Mediation:

  • Puts you on the same page before you get married so you stay on the same page
  • Takes both fiancées' needs and wishes into account so the agreement is balanced and fair
  • Improves communication on important issues like finances and planning a family

Talking about a premarital agreement is hard. Premarital mediation facilitates communication so that you can have a balanced, respectful discussion which ensures that your prenup is tailored to your mutual and individual needs.

At Peace Talks Mediation Services, our mediators also negotiate post-nuptial and post-marital agreements.

Premarital Agreement: A private contract that defines certain issues within a marriage that has not yet taken place. The document typically includes information regarding spousal support and property division in the event of divorce or death Synonym: prenuptial agreement.