Successful, comprehensive family law dispute mediation rests on 3 collaborative pillars -

Legal, Financial, and Coaching

Our Signature 3 Pillar Co-mediation Platform

Drawing upon our extensive mediation experience, Peace Talks created a unique system where everything you will require to resolve your family law conflict is available under one roof. Your mediation will be served by highly trained mediation professionals in law, finance, and psychology, along with a paralegal to handle the paperwork - all working together for you.

Unlike other mediation firms, you won’t have to hire an outside service to deal with any part of your resolution. Everything is handled in-house, by a collaborative and compassionate team working together to take care of you from the moment you walk in the door until your dispute is settled - because we want this process to bring you peace of mind.

Here’s what each pillar of our process does for you:  Legal, Financial and Coaches


  • Informs, advises, and counsels you about the law relating to your dispute
  • Balances zealous advocacy (trial mode) with education and advice
  • Works to establish and adjust your needs throughout the process
  • Uses creativity and legal skills to help resolve impasses
  • Assures that all the decisions you make are informed
  • Provide legal information in a neutral way
  • Draft documents, review and explain legal paperwork

Meet Our Legal Mediators


  • Neutral professional who focuses on the financial interests of both clients (not an advocate for either client)
  • Educates clients regarding their assets, liabilities, cash flow, and tax exposure
  • Helps gather and organize financial information
  • Prepare required financial disclosure
  • Help develops financial options and helps to optimize family’s financial situation
  • Along with financial matters, understands the emotional components and issues in family law cases
  • Takes on a leadership role of the full team process, making sure it is fluid and forward moving

Meet our Financial Mediator

Coaching Mediators

A licensed mental health professional - such as a Marriage and Family Therapist or a Psychologist - with training in family dynamics, relationship issues, domestic violence issues, and/or specialized training about the divorce process.


  • Supports the emotional experience by helping each spouse consider the best ways to deal with the sadness, grief, anger, hurt, and fear that are common in divorce
  • Helps manage the process and facilitate communication
  • Help the team understand the couple’s relationship dynamic
  • Recognizing trauma
  • Supporting healing and closure
  • Helps clients to focus on finding a resolution that is based on their interest and best for family and children
  • Fosters co-parenting and helps to develop a family-specific parenting plan
  • Additional services including divorce coaching in the collaborative process, co-parenting sessions, and discernment coaching

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Meet our Associates

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Clients Rave About Our Work

Peace Talks mediators bring a compassion to their work that will serve clients in a very compassionate and cost effective manner.  Their mediators are determined to help couples navigate the difficult times and trials of separation and divorce in a way that will maintain financial viability and a healthier relationship for years after the immediate turmoil has passed.  Peace Talks mediators are smart, astute and driven to do the best work on behalf of the people they serve.  You can trust them.

- Dennis McCue, Sr. Consultant, Dynamic Firm Management