Tax Filing Status: How will it change with divorce?

By peacetalkadmin | July 1, 2020
Tax Filing Status: How will it change with divorce? - Peace Talks Mediation Services - taxes, tax filing, divorce, collaborative divorce, finances - Photo by Olga DeLawrence on Unsplash

When you and your spouse decide to utilize a collaborative divorce approach, both of you will have access to neutral financial mediators. Financial mediators can help prepare schedules that project…

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Alimony – How New Tax Rules Can Affect It

By peacetalkadmin | June 6, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, federal tax filings have been extended until July 15, 2020. Often couples are blindsided by the tax impact of getting a divorce, but when you…

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Tax Breaks for the Divorced Circa 2019

By Stephanie | March 5, 2019

“Lower tax-refunds” has been a subject in the news a lot recently. It is something that that’s a real issue for most people paying taxes. The fact that less tax…

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Post Divorce Portfolio Balancing Act

By Stephanie | December 31, 2018

All investors review their investments annually, and in light of the market’s recent volatility, it would be wise to review your investments soon as the new tax laws may affect…

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A Potential Tax Move For 2018 Divorce

By Stephanie | December 10, 2018

As the commercial says “I’m not a tax advisor and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night…” but a piece by Dan Caplinger from The Motley Fool might…

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Taking Stock In Your Divorce

By Stephanie | December 7, 2018

In light of the changes in the tax laws and the recent roller coaster volatility in the stock market it might be prudent to talk with your financial advisor about…

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Quotes From Divorce Veterans

By Stephanie | November 14, 2018

There was an article in the Sunday LA Times by Ben Steverman of Bloomberg News with some very clear advice from some divorce professionals that have been doing this for…

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New Tax Law Prompting Flood of Accelerated Divorces

By Stephanie | September 27, 2018

New tax law prompting flood of accelerated divorces as Dec. 31 deadline looms David Garrick, The San Diego Union-Tribune The term “accelerated divorces” got my attention yesterday when an edited…

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Notes On Divorce and Tax Changes

By Stephanie | August 30, 2018

This article by Dr. Halem seemed very timely as we hit the Labor Day weekend and all too soon will be staring Halloween and Thanksgiving in the face. I really…

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