Giving and Saying Thanks

By Stephanie | November 20, 2018

Whether you are in or out of a divorce, the holidays are challenging enough without constant pictures of hellfire and smoky air in your eyes. It can be tough find…

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Divorced Dads and Poor Health

By Stephanie | August 26, 2018

This recent article from Divorce Magazine caught my attention because it highlights a very real problem that plagues a significant percentage of divorces in general. I have heard some long-time professionals…

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Divorce And Suicide – All Too Related

By Stephanie | June 7, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Even if you don’t shop for “Designer” fashions there’s a good chance the name “Kate Spade” is one you’ve seen somewhere before her recent suicide. Suicide is…

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Temporary “Phonelessness” Is OK

By Stephanie | April 10, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Co-parenting is tough enough without having to wonder if you’re one text away from that phone call from the Highway Patrol. Nobody wants to be the cop…

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March Against Madness-Madness Actually Responds

By Stephanie | March 26, 2018

by Stephanie Maloney Imagine Frances McDormand outside your house of white with 500,000 walking, breathing, two-legged billboards demanding action about the killing of her child. Apparently, if all politics are…

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Healing Trauma

By peacetalkadmin | September 6, 2017

by Alison Marcelino and Stephanie Maloney As part of the Conscious Uncoupling training, we attended a lecture given by Judy Waters, MFT, discussing “Healing Breakup Trauma.” In her talk, Ms.…

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