Starting a New Year After Divorce

By peacetalkadmin | Dec 23, 2019

As 2019 wound down, and your divorce was finalized, you may find yourself asking many questions, some of which may be: How can I make the most of 2020 as…

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What to Ask the Mediator

By peacetalkadmin | Oct 16, 2019

Divorce mediators can make or break a divorce agreement. In order work with an effective divorce facilitator, you and your soon-to-be-ex need to vet them by asking a series of…

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Why You Should Hire a Divorce Mediator

By peacetalkadmin | Sep 11, 2019

Life is full of twist and turns! Often, we don’t know what road we should go down. The “divorce” road is filled with enormous potholes that wreak havoc on custody,…

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Tips on How to Tell Your Children You Are Getting a Divorce

By peacetalkadmin | Jun 19, 2019

One of the hardest moments in a divorce is sharing with your children that you and your spouse will be separating. It’s so hard to know how to start and…

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How Does A Divorce Change Your Finances?

By peacetalkadmin | May 22, 2019

Are you in the very beginning stages of getting a divorce? Concerned at what your financial landscape will look like once your separation has been finalized? One thing is for…

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Getting A Trust For The Sake of the Kids

By peacetalkadmin | Apr 10, 2019

If You Have Children, You Should Get a Trust! For most of us, our children are our most precious “possessions”. At Peace Talks Mediation, we feel the exact same way…

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Protect Your Children: Get a Will!

By peacetalkadmin | Mar 20, 2019

While many of us may believe that estate planning is only for the rich or the elderly, you should know that this process is essential if you have children. At…

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Tax Breaks for the Divorced Circa 2019

By Stephanie | Mar 5, 2019

“Lower tax-refunds” has been a subject in the news a lot recently. It is something that that’s a real issue for most people paying taxes. The fact that less tax…

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Parkland Mom’s Valentine

By Stephanie | Feb 15, 2019

In every family situation as soon as couples walk through the PeaceTalks door they want to know how to protect the children. It’s always about the kids first and last…

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Divorce Mediation Primer

By Stephanie | Jan 29, 2019

I came across a nice synopsis of why mediation for your divorce may be the smartest choice. It is safe to say that most couples facing divorce expect the experience…

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